Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are you taking due to COVID-19?

For each delivery, we are wearing masks and are offering contact-less delivery.

Traditionally, we knock on the door (with masks) and give the order. If you prefer, you can opt for contact-less delivery in which we will knock/ring the doorbell and leave the items at the door. 

You can request this at checkout. 


Why wasn't my coupon applied over the phone?

Coupons are only valid with online orders. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

When will my delivery be made?

Deliveries will be made on the requested delivery date between the hours of 11am-6pm.

If you need a different time frame, please call us ahead of time after placing the order to make an arrangement. 

How soon after placing an order for in-store pick up can I pick up my order?

You can pick up your order 2 business hours after the order is made for pickup.

For example, if you placed your order for pick up today at 5:55pm and we close at 6:00pm, then you order will not be ready until 2 hours after we open the following business day.